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Putting Family First

Keeping Orem family friendly is crucial to the city’s success

As Orem grows, it’s important that we not forget, people move here for the family friendly environment that makes Orem “Family City USA.” As city council makes crucial decisions about the future of Orem, families need to be a top priority. Each decision made needs to be weighed and considered by asking questions like “Will this be good for Orem families?” or “How will this affect new families’ desires to move to Orem?” As the father of three young boys, a little girl, and a second little girl on the way, I will approach city council decisions with a family first mentality. I truly believe with the right leaders on city council, we can keep Orem family friendly.

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My Platform

Accessible Councilors

Effective city government requires councilors who understand and address the concerns of our residents. I believe councilors should be accessible outside of meetings, actively listening to all sides of an issue and seeking a genuine understanding of our community's needs.

First Responders

Our first responders are the backbone of Orem's safety and well-being. They tirelessly protect our streets and are there when we need them the most. To maintain their exceptional service, we must prioritize their needs, ensuring they have the necessary support, equipment, and funding to carry out their crucial duties.

Responsible Spending

Keeping Orem affordable for our families is a top priority for me. I am dedicated to conservative fiscal policies, advocating for responsible spending within our current city budgets. By prioritizing critical services like police, fire, and infrastructure, we can maintain a balanced approach to budgeting.

Business Friendly

Businesses coming to Orem are a critical part of having the economic growth our town needs. Orem can attract businesses without offering huge tax incentives. The key to bringing business to Orem is making the town business friendly by removing barriers and streamlining the process of bringing a business here. Starting several businesses from the ground up has given me the experience needed to make this happen.


The rapid growth of Utah County and Orem has resulted in increased traffic congestion, demanding urgent attention to transportation infrastructure. I am committed to working with UDOT to improve the efficiency of our roads, reduce congestion, and enhance road safety through clearer markings and proactive measures like replacing stop signs with traffic lights at busy intersections. Addressing traffic concerns requires a multifaceted approach, responsible decision-making on growth, and ongoing management.

Responsible Growth and Affordable Housing

As Utah County experiences significant growth, we must ensure responsible development and prevent poorly planned high-density housing projects that strain our existing infrastructure and disrupt neighborhoods. I will be a voice of reason on the city council, advocating for responsible growth and protecting our neighborhoods from ill-planned developments.